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“To maximise your advertising campaign, ensure that a consistent message reaches the customer in a single unified voice at every other customer touch point, to deliver on the brand promise. This requires a 360° view of the marketing portfolio.”

Advertising communicates to large undefined market segments through mass media (TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print & Press and PR). Per customer, it can be cost-effective for reaching large audiences because of its high reach and high frequency. Advertising can be highly effective when it comes to creating brand awareness for FMCG and other non target specific high volume, high turnover products thus providing a positive Return On Investment. It is also effective for brand positioning and inducing brand attitude.

Mass Media can prove effective in the following scenarios.

  1. Changing buyer behaviour
    If you are looking to change buyer behaviour and there is a clear and substantial benefit to the person making the change you can rely on mass media as your primary tool for bringing about the desired change.
  2. Increase brand awareness
    If you need to raise awareness or promote receptivity with basic information, you should consider mass media. In leveraging mass media’s high reach and frequency capabilities, you have a very good opportunity to raise product and brand awareness quickly.
  3. Announcements
    If you want to draw people to an event, or tell them about sales, promotions and opportunities such as special offers, consider mass media.
  4. For seasonal reminders
    If people are generally committed to doing an activity but have not done it for some time, a seasonal reminder through mass media could prove effective.
  5. To stimulate word of mouth
    A good campaign can spark conversation about your product or brand. This can provide strong reinforcement of your brand and positioning.

Type of advertising work we do:


In planning your TV commercial, a concept is developed which integrates into the overall campaign.

In the production of a TVC, we have the capabilities to take you through the entire process, from the development of a concept, media planning and placement, right up to casting and production. We will take you through the process of pre-production where a budget is prepared, schedules are planned, talent is sourced, scripts are written and storyboards are prepared, set is designed, equipment, lighting and crew are organised, to post production and broadcasting approvals (therapeutic goods require special approvals). Finally dubs are arranged and sent to the broadcasting stations. Monitoring reports can also be organised if necessary. Sounds complicated? Well it can be, but we’ll take the complication out and to you as our client, it will be a seamless process.

In planning your media, we make recommendations on reach and frequency, which stations, metro or regional, cable or Pay TV, and time slots, in accordance with your media objectives and intended target audience.
If you have a product to launch or campaign that needs good publicity, ask us about producing advertorials for programs such as Good Morning Australia.


Radio is a powerful medium used on its own, but when combined with other mediums such as a follow up to a TV campaign, it can be even more effective.
We work with media buyers to plan your reach and frequency and advertising schedule to give you the best value for your advertising dollar. We will make recommendations on which stations and time slots best suit your demographics.

In the production of your radio commercial, we develop the concept and script (this should be integrated if it forms part of an overall campaign), and take you through the process of recording, sound editing and music composition. When it's all done, dubs are organised and sent to the respective radio stations for you.

Outdoor & Transit

Creating great outdoor advertising is the result of successfully combining good creative, media and production. As part of the media mix, outdoor advertising can deliver high impact for any campaign by reinforcing the message or brand and by extending the campaign's overall reach to additional market segments that haven't been touched by other mediums.

When designing the creative for outdoor, less says more! The message should be simple, single minded and focussed to deliver greater impact. At essentia®, we ensure that your outdoor ads are creative and effective. We can also negotiate your media buy for outdoor through our media buyer.

Outdoor Ads come in different poster sizes, formats and configurations such as Corporate Sky Signs, Spectaculars, Supersites, 24 Sheet Posters, Transport, Street & Shopping Precinct, Airport.

Print & Press Ads

Magazines are ideal for targeting a particular demographic group, and provide the ability to display high resolution, full colour glossy images. With Newspapers on the other hand, you can achieve very broad coverage with a single media buy.

Advertising using Print or Press Ads can be cost effective for those who can afford it and can achieve excellent ROI with careful placement. At essentia®, we help you identify the best medium suited to your demographics. Costs for placing print and press ads vary depending on the publication and will also depend upon the size of the ad placed and the position of the ad within the publication. Ads are sold by the page or page increment—double page spread, full page, half page, quarter page, etc. Rates also depend upon the frequency with which an advertiser places ads over the period of a year.

By combining Print and Press advertising with other media such as TV or Radio, you can achieve better results through increased awareness with greater reach and frequency, as well as effective communication of product attributes and values.

Some reasons for considering Print & Press Advertising:
  1. Targeting
    Magazines often have well-defined and highly segmented target audiences which may be suited to your product or service, allowing you to tailor your communication message to that specific market, thereby minimising wastage. Newspapers have a broader distribution.
  2. Credibility
    Allows you to ride with the credibility of the publication, especially in the case of trade magazines or the Financial Review.
  3. National reach in a single buy
    Newspapers and magazines offer direct channels to national markets of consumers.
  4. Readership
    Advertisements in magazines and newspapers tend to get more of a readers’ undivided attention, allowing advertisers to convey product attributes in long copy. Magazines tend to be passed on from reader to reader, which means ads in magazines enjoy some degree of staying power. These advertisements can be referred to at any time even after the cover date has passed.
  5. Campaign continuity
    The longevity of magazines means that strategic use of the medium provides advertisers with continuity of exposure over the greatest possible period. Particularly useful to reinforce branding or awareness ads on TV or radio.
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