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Branding & Strategy

“In branding & strategic consulting, we bring clear thinking to the complex issue of marketing and growing your brand. Every brand's strategic challenge is unique. No two brands are the same, but growth in revenue is always the end goal.”

At Essentia®, our task is to identify the issues that limit your growth potential in order to find solutions and uncover opportunities.  With strategy realisation, you can turn superior return in marketing investment into sustainable profitability.

Developing a brand almost always involves the creation of a strong strategic position for the brand - the cornerstone to a brand's success. Take the time to develop this. It will be your brand’s most important asset to be realised. Creating your strategic position will require a combination of creativity and insight – don’t underestimate its importance.

A strong positioning strategy preserves a unique difference that is unrivalled by your competitors - a key success factor that determines growth potential. A good strategic position should have a horizon of a decade or more to allow continuous building and reinforcing of the brand through shorter term planning cycles.

Developing a brand strategy is not just about deciding on creative visuals, communication messages or which medium to use. It’s much more than that. We benchmark your brand against your competitors to find your competitive advantage and strategic position. Strategy is the thinking and planning process that produces integrated initiatives which communicate your position or message effectively.

Developing a strategy may involve a switch strategy to lure customers from your competitors. Or a lead generation and acquisition strategy which establishes new needs which draws new customers into the market. It may also involve a loyalty program to retain your existing customers so you don’t lose them to your competitors.

Every strategy we develop has the ability to build a brand or generate leads that turn to sales. Brands need to work harder to stay positioned in consumers' minds. We expect that brands need to look beyond competing on their brand attributes alone. At essentia® we create a favourable brand experience in line with your strategic position to encourage sales and drive repeat purchase.

We work closely with you to develop strategies that provide your customers a brand experience through Integrated Marketing. Strategies that make it difficult for your competitors to emulate. Dedicating the time to develop a sound strategic position before embarking on the journey can be the difference between a mediocre performer and a visionary brand that thrives.

With brand strategic consulting, our job is to take you to the destination.

Type of strategic work we do:

Developing Brand Identities, Brand Positioning and Image Building
Developing Creative Strategies and Idea Conceptualising
Developing Integrated Marketing Strategies
Developing concepts for TV, Radio, Print, PR Campaigns
Developing concepts and strategies for Direct Marketing Campaigns
Developing strategies for Digital Marketing
Developing strategies for Data Mining, Profiling and Database Development
Developing concepts and strategies for Promotional Campaigns and Competitions
Developing strategies  and concepts for Incentive Programs
Developing strategies for Training Programs

Brand Experience

So what is brand experience all about? As the name suggests it’s the experience your customer develops by engaging with your brand as a consumer of your product or service. From this experience an attitude towards the brand is formed. Disappoint the customer and the attitude towards the brand is negative. Delight the customer and it's positive. Leverage and follow through on that positive attitude and you have yourself a potential brand loyalist. As the old marketing adage goes, “It costs more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones”.

So how do you get your customers to actually "feel" your brand? Develop a clear master brand strategy that integrates multiple disparate tactics together to creates a brand experience that generates brand loyalists and advocates. Download Brand Experience White paper »

Marketing Integration

This is the era of marketing integration. The mass market is becoming demassified. Mass advertising on its own is no longer king as media options become more diverse and segmented in today’s new customer economy. Integrated marketing communications is now vital to brand survival as products compete on a different level. Integrated marketing forces every aspect of the communication process to reach the consumer in a single unified voice, delivering on the brand promise.

It coordinates a host of disparate marketing tactics. As a whole it is far greater than the sum of the individual tactics. Integration is the key, facilitating marketing efficiencies through smart management of the total marketing mix, conveying to the customer a single unified message, one benefit and one selling idea, each reinforcing the reason why the consumer should believe in and buy your product.

Throw away the idea that you need to hit them over the head multiple times and from all sides if you want to get their attention. Integrated marketing, with its single unified message capitalises on a ‘frame of mind’ or brand perception. It understands the lifestyles, attitudes and motivations of distinct buyers and provides a brand experience through today’s multi-channel options, predicting their likely buying behaviours in the future. Are you missing out on opportunities?

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