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Creative Design & Copywriting | Essentia Group

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Creative Design & Copywriting

“Every piece of work that is delivered by Essentia® is not just a piece of art. It is intelligent street smart creative. The people who work on your jobs are strategic creatives and creative strategists.”

As a full service agency with a 360° view on your business, every initiative that we undertake has strategic consideration. Even creative and visual ideas that are conceived have strategic implications. The words used in headlines, subheads and body copy to grab attention, persuade and convince, are carefully chosen and constructed to evoke emotions that lead to effective outcomes. Images are chosen to achieve an objective. The design and layout that is crafted for each piece are done with consideration of its target audience. Having the right visuals matters but having a strategy behind the visuals are just as important if not more so.

Type of creative work we do:

Brand development, designing company and product logos, business cards, corporate stationary, advertisements, billboards, point of sale material, information leaflets, brochures, sales aids, catalogues, invitations, illustrations, packaging design, trade display stands, banners, photography. Design for online banner ads, websites, email communications.


Creating brand awareness is one thing, brand building is another. The whole concept of brand building is powered by the Customer-Brand Experience. Essentially, each person’s personal experiences with a brand creates a perception and forms their unique relationship with that brand. At Essentia®, when we work on your brand, we don’t just build brand awareness - it's not enough for people to just know about your brand. True, this will achieve immediate sales; however, for greater long term success, we must first convert them into buyers, then, brand loyalists who become your brand advocates-they are the important people who will do your marketing for you. They are the ones who will tell everyone else about your brand because they’ve had a great brand experience.

Type of brand development work we do:

  • Developing Brand Identity and Brand Positioning
  • Developing Brand Strategy & Brand Values
  • Designing Company and Product Logos
  • Developing Brand Tag Lines
  • Designing Business Cards, Letterhead and other Corporate Stationary
  • Designing Brand Advertisements for print, press, outdoor, transit, online banners
  • Packaging Design

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