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Direct Marketing

“Are you using your database to mine the potential of your customer relationships?”

Direct marketing leads you to find “gems” in your data treasure trove to market to. Helping you create awareness, generate interest, leads and enquiries, migrating your best customers to loyal customers, retaining them over a lifetime and reducing the rate of attrition, it is a methodical and measurable approach to marketing your products and services.

At essentia®, your direct marketing communications are crafted by creative and strategic marketers experienced in direct marketing. We get the right message into the right hands. We get the right words in front of the right eyeballs connected to the hand that makes the purchase. Using multiple disciplines, marketing online and offline, we devise integrated approaches to communicate, capture data and develop your database in a systematic, logical and coordinated manner. This allows you to measure, analyse and fine tune your next move based on refined knowledge gained from your previous campaign.

With our combined 360° skills and experience, we leverage both print and digital mediums to provide interactive direct marketing or Digital Direct -a powerful combination to generate results for growth. We use this combination to identify potential customers or prospects, generate leads, acquire new customers and retain existing customers to build brand loyalty.

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